Bar Beverages is a locally-owned and operated full service beverage company whose roots run deep in the SoCal beverage industry.  We cover a large geographic distribution territory comprising 7 counties + 21 million consumers from Solvang to San Clemente, from Santa Monica to Palm Springs and Bakersfield to Laguna Nigel!  Prior to March 2020, we were one of the largest independent full service equipment and fountain post mix companies providing soda syrups and gases to the on premise market. As such, we came to understand the beverage needs of partner Bars, Nightclubs & Restaurants and dedicated ourselves to providing the highest quality non alcoholic products, services & solutions to support the on premise trade. Then BANG the music stopped with COVID. So we pivoted and joined the wild ride of Craft Beer, Wine, and Spirits by adding independent retail and chain business to our repertoire. WOW, it has been FUN building new relationships with our fantastic group of supplier partners + awesome retailers. Today, our sales and operation team is always here to help guide you to the best local IPAs, Stouts, Lagers, Ciders, + Meads, as well as some terrific Sake’s and by-the-glass Wines. Our commitment to unmatched customer service is dedicated to supporting your business with rapid answers and executions of prompt deliveries, fixing out of code problems, and solving those pesky invoicing issues. Our expert service team can clean your beer lines, brix your soda system, and find that co2 leak all in one stop!

Welcome to our business! We are proud of what we have accomplished and  look forward to building a relationship with you and your team. 
Let me know how we can help. I can be reached at 310.925.4375 or sean@rled.net

Sean Hackney
Operating Partner
RLED LLC dba Bar Beverages

What separate us

After +20 years kicking around the beverage business with major brands (Red Bull) to entrepreneuring bag-in-box energy internationally (Roaring Lion)  to getting gritty in the redheaded stepchild of beverage distribution (syrup + gas) and then evolving to an RTD craft branded house, we have an “on the business” and “git r dun” philosophy that permeates our culture daily by adding value to your business. After thousands of mistakes over the years, we have the tested leadership to help and the youth to execute. Whether you are a brand looking for distribution, a chain looking for new SKUs, or a hole in the wall bar who has a co2 leak, your problems are our opportunities to grow long term relationships. Reach out today and let us know how we can best help you grow.

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