Woodland Farms Brewery

Kittery, Maine

Our Story

Woodland Farms Brewery is the work of Patrick Rowan and his family. My goal in starting Woodland Farms Brewery was to build a business based on three core ethics;

• Brew the beer you like to drink. Don’t chase the dragon of trends.
• Be relentlessly creative. “It is what it is” is the worst phrase uttered in business. Build it better.
• Don’t be a d#ck.”

From 1895 to somewhere in the mid seventies, Woodland Farms was a dairy owned by our family (the Rowans).

When our grandfather passed, none of the 10 kids wanted to take over, so the cows were sold to our neighbors across the street and the milk is still sold to this day under the Johnson farm name.

Some of the Rowan family still milk and tend the cows daily and all of the brewery’s spent grain goes to feed the cows.

As our brewery is a family endeavor it only made sense to resurrect the brand that was held by us for nearly 100 years.