Prison Pals Brewing Co

8302 NW 14 ST
Doral, FL 33126 

Tel: 305.487.2780 

Our Story

Our story begins in Argentina in 2018 with Juan dreaming about doing business in the US. After some months thinking what to do, he finally decided for starting a brewery, because beer brings joy and makes people happy (can someone judge him?).

With that in mind, he scouted for the best team he can recruit. Here’s where Bruno and Diego enters this story. We share three main characteristics: highly qualified people who had this feeling like being prisoners in their own land, passionate about world-class beer. This is where project Prision (Spanish for Prison) started taking its current shape.

We find the perfect spot to do so in Doral, thanks to its amaizing water and added state-of-the-art equipment to have a perfect match to produce the best beers. We are building our own fate.