O Harvest

Sun Valley, CA
Phone: 888.550.3705

Our Story

The Earth is a gift to all mankind, so how can we make it a better place for everyone? How does one even approach such a challenge? We believe the journey begins with mindfulness. Thus, we began O Harvest with the acknowledgement that every day 20,000 of our brothers and sisters will not get enough to eat and will be lost to hunger. Our mission quickly crystallized to fight for the end of hunger and we changed our own business paradigm to reflect the belief that our efforts over time WILL make a significant impact! In our business, we will apply a fiscally and socially responsible approach in order to be able to always contribute towards the greater good. Daily, we will wholeheartedly endeavor to make high-quality products that benefit people and their businesses. Quarterly, we will give back profits to fight hunger both locally and globally. Always, we will encourage our business partners and customers to join us in this urgent & vital crusade. Simply put: making great juices and mixes is our passion, feeding our fellow man is our purpose.