Anna’s Cider

Santa Paula, CA

Tel: 805-229-7338

Our Story

Anna’s Cider is a family-owned craft fermentation house, producing natural beverages in an expressive and refreshing style. Husband and wife team Dominic and Anna O’Reilly founded the cidery in 2017 with the goal of producing hard ciders using natural and local ingredients, careful fermentation practices, and conditioning in a champagne style. The resulting products are dry (no sugar), clean, and very refreshing. Starting with the best ingredients, the ciders are fermented with a wide selection of yeasts and traditional fermentation practices, and then refermented in cans or bottles to produce those lovely bubbles, just like Champagne. Our ciders are similar to the traditional farmhouse styles of New England or Brittany, however, we employ very careful fermentation and cellar practices to avoid that nasty funk that can happen sometimes.

We’re also foodies and health nuts (well, that’s a stretch, but we like to eat good food, local, and always organic) and to that end we make sure our ingredients are ethically sourced, as local as possible, and always ready to join the fun happening on the dinner table, BBQ, camping trip, or whatever other adventures await. Almost everything we make is gluten and carbohydrate free (yes, seriously, you can be on Keto and still crush some cold ciders). It says so on the can, and we have lab reports to match.

Anna and Dominic bootstrapped the whole operation from the ground up, starting with tiny batches in a small storage building on their property, and working together on every aspect of the business. We still work together on everything and it’s still a family-run operation. Cheers!